Saturday, 10 September 2016

More Carlists off the Painting Table

This has been a difficult week. Her indoors has been suffering from a case of shingles and is still in quite a bit of discomfort; at work I have had to face a week of interviews for a new staff member (and I so dislike the recruitment process); the core document authoring software that we use every day got screwed up; another key software solution is also refusing to act as it should...and it has been cold! I am so glad I have such a wonderful hobby, where I can lose myself for two or three hours in an evening and disperse all the unpleasantness of the day.

But what a busy week it has been on the painting table this week. The First Carlist War is the focus. 

The first item is an Isabelino guard infantry unit.

Second is another Isabelino unit, this time it is a light infantry unit.

Third is a Carlist unit, some Valencian volunteers - my favourite Carlist outfit so far.

Finally there is the Carlist commanders set:

Don Carlos
and Cabrera


  1. First, my sympathies to both your wife on her health issue and to your on work situations. Thank goodness we have an outlet for workday stresses by picking up the brush. Picking up the brush is an understatement for you this week. My God, Man! You are a painting machine!

    This is such a colorful period that I know nothing about. Valencian volunteers look spectacular. The blue/white combination make these fellas jump off the page. Dark green with yellow trimmed light infantry; outstanding. Blue jackets with red pantaloons; of course one of my favorite unifoem combinations. It will be a pleasure to see these forces mustered for battle.

  2. Thank you Jonathan. My wife is feeling much better now (I suffered from Shingles in my youth so fully understand her discomfort) and the stresses of the week have diminished thanks in part to a gloriously sunny Saturday. The lawns are mowed, garden is tidy, car is washed and twelve French Crimean infantry are undercoated ready for is good!

    The Carlist War is indeed wonderfully colourful and the terrain will be spectacular. This is very much the type of gaming I like where look is every bit as important as the game. And it is a civil war that always adds flavour. My inspiration came from an article in Wargames Illustrated last year and I started drooling over the figures... It was only a matter of time really.

  3. Wonderful painting and basing, these units are really impressive, especially Isabelino guard infantry and these amazing Valencian volunteers...Excellent job!

    1. Thank you Phil. These are such nice little figures, with great detail and animation, it makes east to get good results!