Saturday, 17 June 2017

First Carlist War Game

Last night four of us played a small First Carlist War battle. 

On the Isabellino side there were:
* 3 guard battalions
* 5 line battalions
* 2 National Guard battalions
* 1 battalion of British Marines
* 2 battalions of British Auxiliary Legion
* 2 squadrons of Isabelino cavalry (1 light, 1 heavy)
* 2 Isabelino guns (1 field, 1 mountain)
* 1  British gun

The bulk of the infantry (the guards and the marines excluded) were raw, while the cavalry and the guns were trained.

The Carlists had:
* 1 battalion of Navarre Guides
* 2 battalions of Valencian volunteers
* 7 line battalions
* 3 squadrons of cavalry
* 1 field gun
* 1 mountain gun.

Like their opponents most of the Carlist infantry was raw, the rest if the force trained

The Carlists were charged with defending a pass formed by two hills that extended from to corners of the table. Two large woods stood on the slopes and a road ran between the two hills. The cavalry was on the flanks, two squadrons on the right an one on the left. Five battalions held the right centre five on the left and the guns in the centre.

To face them the British force, supported by the National militia was on the left, the eight battalions of Isabelino infantry and the guns were in the centre with two cavalry squadrons on the right.

The action developed quickly. The two Carlist cavalry squadrons moved forward and engaged the British. The Ontorio Hussars charged the Marines, who promptly formed square. After an extended melee the hussars were driven off, but not broken. The other unit of Carlist cavalry plowed into the BAL lancers, routed them and then, falling on the broken British unit, dispersed them to the wind. But here the Carlist cavalry stalled and the British infantry and guns turned on them, mowing them down.

In the centre things did not go well for the Isabelino troops. Two battalions of guard were badly shot up, first by the guns and then by Carlist musketry and decide to quit the field, but when the Isabelino guns came into action the line stabilised. Some lucky shooting by the Isabelino raw units halted the advance of the Carlists and allowed the one remaining guard unit to charge the Valencian volunters, routing one unit and breaking through onto another.

On the Carlist left the Merino Lancers charged the Isabelino heavy cavalry and after a protracted melee were routed and destroyed.

Meanwhile the Carlist infantry in the woods tried to shoot it out with the Isabelino infantry, but with little effect, and the remaining Carlist cavalry unit charged the Marines for a second time. Again the Marines formed square and easily repelled the attack.

Here the game ended. The Carlist flanks were turned and the centre was close to collapse. Their units in the woods were pretty much intact, but it would only be a matter of time before they would be cut off.


  1. Looked like a good game. Nice to see the Isabelinos win the first clash.

    1. Thank you Nathan. I really thought we Isabelinos were going to take quite a beating at one point, nut it all turned with a single volley.

  2. A wonderful looking game, your units are superb, the many details on the bases complete the beauty of the painting...

  3. Sorry my BAL missed the action Mark - looks like it was a good game. Great looking pictures too - obviously the dodgy lighting at JB's isn't an issue f you use a decent camera instead of a cell phone! At least I put my time to good use last night and finished off my 103rd Foot for the War of 1812

    1. Actually it was just the iPhone camera, but I ran them through some PhotoShop filters to adjust the exposure. Still waiting on two orders of figures - painting has ground to a halt.

  4. Nice to see them entering the table Mark.
    A fine looking collection.

    1. Thanks Stu. I am keen to play more games in this period.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Mark. It is a wonderfully colourful period.

  6. Lovely looking game, Mark! Colorful period with first rate painting and basing. Top stuff!

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I agree reds, blues, greens and yellows...a splendour for sure!

  7. What a great game. Seriously cool blog!

    1. Thank you John. Your own blog is pretty damned cool too!

  8. Great ARR and very nice looking figures.

    1. Thank you. Those Perry figures are great sculpts, full of character and action.