Thursday, 2 March 2017

Work in Progress

Many things are on the painting table at present, including some Russian Napoleonic jagers (that are just waiting for their bases to be completed), some jungle or bush terrain pieces for East Africa, some East African native huts and another building to go around the East African railway station.  But the only completed item to come off the table is this week has been this Russian Napoleonic battery in winter dress.

Despite the fact I bemoaned my last greatcoated unit as being depressingly dull, I think these have come up rather well. I think the inclusion of ropes and other equipment along with some dramatic posing made these quite a pleasure to work with.


I have done this battery with a 12lb field gun and a 20lb licorne to get some variety and mounted them on winter bases.


  1. Your Russian guns and crew are outstanding! I feel a chill just looking at the poor Russian gunner shivering to stay warm.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I enjoyed doing these. Worry not for the shivering gunner...his feet may be in the snow but it is hot here today...our long delayed summer has arrived at last.

  2. Atmospheric and awesome job, congrats!