Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Mill, part 2

It was the first day back at work today after the Christmas/New Year break. Having spent the better part of the day working through to 250 plus emails that came in over the break, it was a great pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the evening working on the mill.

I had spent a bit of time last night putting the Green Stuff on the mill wheel and scribed the wood pattern. This was fully cured and I removed it from the plastic spool and put a fresh layer on the spool for the the second half of the mill wheel. I also made several pieces of "timber" to use for cross beams on the wheel.

I then attacked the wall of the mill that would feature the stairs and the face that would have the big double doors to the mill. I wanted the lower 20mm of the first level of the structure to be stone and the part above it to be timber. Once I had done the section of the wall that the stairs would be on, I glued the stairs into place.

I textured the wall that had the double doors, with the door frame to be added when thecputty is cured, but found that I had mixed too much Emerkit putty so I textured the upper part of that face as well. This I did as timber and plaster, with angled timber on the gable.

That was enough for the night.


  1. This looks to be another interesting building project.

    1. It will. I like this rustic style too...not as much precision required.