Monday, 6 July 2015

Free Russo-Japanese War Flag Sets

Below is a series of Russo-Japanese War flags that I drew up when creating the RJW armies. Like the ACW flag sets posted here last month these are posted here free of charge. They are drawn in a vector based software package and rendered as high resolution (300ppi) .png files. Also like the ACW flags, the Russian flags are drawn to a 30mm x 30mm size but depending on the software application you open them in, they may require resizing.

Russian Flags

The Russian flags represent the regimental standards issued from the 1880s onwards. There are two patterns, those of the Christian regiments, with the face of Christ on the obverse face, and a royal cypher on the reverse, while those of the non-Christian regiments have the Imperial Eagle on the obverse and the cypher on the reverse. Those issued prior to 1900 bear the cypher "A" for Alexander III's, and those post 1900 have the "N" cypher of Nicolas II.

The flags are then sorted by regimental colour. Within each division the regimental colours are: 

1st Regiment - Red border and detailing
2nd Regiment -Blue border and detailing
3rd Regiment - White and red detailing
4th Regiment - Green border and detailing

The Christian Regiments 
The non-Christian Regiments 
Japanese Flags

The Japanese flags bore the regimental name in the white canton on the lower section of the flag, nearest the pole. When drawn they were scaled 30mm on the fly.


  1. Mark these are great, working on a fresh unit now, these are sure to fit the bill.
    Great post.

  2. No worries Stu. If you have any problems scaling them let me know and I can send a high resolution PDF.

  3. Wow, beautiful flags Mark, love them!

    1. Thank you Phil. I have a few other sets I have drawn up over the years and will post some time in the future.

  4. Very impressive. Thanks for posting.