Sunday, 6 April 2014

First 1866 Ironclads Game

Today we played the first game with the 1866 ironclads. The rules used were the Jackson Gamers ACW rules, with some modifications for the  period. It was a simple game between two players with three ironclads and two wooden ships on each side.

The Austrian squadron consisted of the ironclads Habsburg, Don Juan d'Austria and Erzherzog Ferdinand Max, the wooden frigate Radetsky and the corvette  Erzherzog Friedrich. The Italian squadron consisted of the ironclads Affondatore, Re d'Italia and Principe di Carignano, along with the wooden frigates Garibaldi and Gaeta.

The Austrians moved first with the Ferdinand Max and Habsburg, sister ships,  heading right, the Don Juan wen directly forward while the two wooden ships went left. The Italians came straight ahead. The Austrians then turned and opened broadsides where they could, but caused only minimal damage. When the Italians turned to fire the Don Juan rammed the Principe di Carignano and sank her immdeiately. 

Affonadtore then rammed Habsburg and sank her while Garibaldi rammed Radetsky, but failed to do enough damage to sink her and the two ships remained entangled for a turn.

Affonadtore Rams Habsburg

Don Juan d'Austria engages Re d'Italia while Garibaldi and Radetsky are entangled

About this time Re d'Italia lost power and drifted to a halt. When Don Juan rammed and sank Garibaldi, the Don Juan, the Radetsky and Fredrich circled Re d'Italia, stern and bow raking her, damaging her where she lacked armour.

Off to the right of the Austrian squadron, Ferdinand Max trapped Gaeta and rammed her, sending the wooden ship to the bottom. But Ferdinand Max was slow to get under way after ramming Gaeta and was caught, rammed and sunk by Affondatore.

With Affondatore some distance from the Re d'Italia and with the latter in poor shape, we called an end to the game. It was a good test of the rules and showed up a few things we need to tidy up before we take on a large action with more players.


  1. Thanks Colin. I have an article in preparation showing the making of a ship fromstart to finish. I might have this completed and published after the weekend

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I am having a lot of fun with these. I have another five ironclads and four wooden frigates to go in the project.