Sunday, 1 July 2018

Half Year Results

With six months of the year gone it is time for my half year wrap up.  In the past I have had a rather cavalier approach to my projects, flitting between them like a butterfly, but in recent times I have been a much more disciplined butterfly, and this year even more so.


At the beginning of the year I determined to focus on eight specific projects:

  • The completion of the French in Egypt (that included an expansion)
  • The completion of the French 1812-1813 army
  • Adding the Heavy Brigade to the British Crimean War army
  • The start and finish of the British in Egypt 
  • The start of the Ottoman Turks for 1798-1801
  • The expansion of the War of 1812 collection
  • The start of a Spanish Napoleonic army
  • The start of a Swedish Napoleonic army

On top of these projects would be a number of terrain items that would support the various projects. These would be my butterfly items that I could flit between to provide a bit of variety amongst the masses of figures.


So what is the state of the project plan? Well it is pretty good really.

  • The main part of the French in Egypt collection was completed in January, with a small expansion in May/June. The figures for a slightly bigger expansion are on order
  • Heavy Brigade for the Crimea, well only half of that is done due to figure supply issues. These figure are still unavailable, but I hope to be able to to complete this expansion before year’s end
  • The British in Egypt collection is completed except for two gun sets that are on order
  • The French 1812-1813 collection is progressing well and will meet the completion deadline of November
  • The War of 1812 expansion exceeded its targets by being ahead of time and larger than was intended
  • The Ottoman Turks project has started, but is intended to be a “gathering” force, with units being added here and there over the next year or two
  • The Spanish and Swedish Napoleonic collections are not yet started, but do have slots in the schedule from October through December.

On top of the figures I have made some terrain pieces – the War of 1812 blockhouse, the Maori Village, some woodland indian houses, the Egyptian village and based all those palm trees!


So to the statistics:

Item Foot Mounted Guns Points Percentage
 French in Egypt 87 18 2 635 10
 French 1812-1813 198 124 6 2290 36
 British in Egypt 304 33 4  2060 29
 Ottoman Turks 34 0 0 170 3
 Crimean War 0 12 0 120 2
 War of 1812 48 6 0 310 5
 Spanish Napoleonic 0 0 0 0 0
 Swedish Napoleonic 0 0 0 0 0
 Totals 671 193 13 5415 100

In addition to this are 30 terrain items with a points count of 1,020, giving a total points count for the year to date of 6,435.

This year I created a number of reporting tools to not only monitor my progress, but to manage my purchases too, keep me within my budget and out of serious trouble with her indoors.

A half year result of 6,435 painting points is pretty respectable in my books. The second half year won’t yeald as high a total because there will be a couple of significant disruptions to painting time, but Istill anticipate meeting all my targets.


Oh dear,  I have just read through what I have written and realised how close to my real life performance review it reads…although if I could count as many successes in real life I would be much happier, but then I don’t have to deal with insanely beaurocratic corporate IT group in my hobby life.


  1. You really have a lot of success with your projects, I wish I could paint as fast.
    BTW, the French in Egypt look a bit outnumbered by the British :)

    1. The imbalance of French vs British is about to be corrected, with another six battalions “winging” their way here at this very moment.

  2. A six month total of 6,435 painting points is "pretty respectable?" Mark! That total is PHENOMENAL! More painting points than I have manged in a full year AND your finished units are superb. Very well done and a remarkable accomplishment.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. You are too kind. Your own efforts are prodigious and on because of the number of 15mm and 18mm figures in your total, on pure figure count you must be right up there.

  3. Impressive totals and bookkeeping! I can't keep to a plan as well as that,a limited selection of periods allows me some choice while making some progress,it clearly works for you!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. While I have always had the ability to get on with a project, the ability to focus more intently is quite recent. For me the focal point is usually a scenrio I have in my head: the War of 1812 project, for example, is for a game planned later this year at our annual weekend away. I think the other thing that allows me to keep on track is that down in this part of the world there are no big wargames shows where new peoduct is thrust under our noses...we have to depend on photographs oin magazine and on websites and then be prepared to wait for it to arrive so that the impluse to buy is minimised.

  4. A terrific output and I have no idea how you have managed this, especially given that they are 28mm figures. I was happy with the 300 or so I have managed for 2018 thus far.

    1. Ah it is all a matter of routine. I target six foot or three mounted a night...I dont always achieve it, but it is a realistic target and fhe numbers quickly grow.